Schedule Every Rabbitry Event and Receive Notifications

Everbreed’s notifications and preset Task Templates make sure you are always up to date with your rabbit breeding schedule. You will never again forget to add a nest box for a pregnant doe and your weigh-ins will be done at the correct time.

Our system allows you to make plans months in advance in order to perfect breeding efficiency. So, your kits will always be big enough on butcher days and well-furred for show days.

Plan Your Rabbitry Schedule in Advance


Everbreed makes it easy to create a rabbitry schedule ahead of time, making your rabbitry as efficient and productive as possible.

Meat Breeders

Butcher dates can be planned months in advance to guarantee breeding at the correct time for meat rabbit breeders.

Show Breeders

Show breeders can plan breedings in accordance with shows and fairs to make sure kits are large enough and well-furred on show day.

Learn more about Rabbitry Breeding Schedules with our Knowledge Base Task articles.

Custom Task Templates

Create a Schedule

Task Templates are a series of events that need to take place after a breeding or birth. They are a simple way to produce your rabbitry management schedule.
Save various templates for different needs in your rabbitry breeding schedule such as multiple breeds or litters born for different purposes.

Breeding Tasks

When a breeding is recorded you assign a task template to take place as the doe gets closer to kindling. Pregnancy checks, nest box additions, and due dates are common within Breeder Task Templates. But you can also add custom tasks for things such as feed increases, vitamins, or multiple pregnancy checks.

Litter Tasks

Litters born for different purposes likely will have varying needs as they age. Litter Task Templates can include things like weigh-ins and butcher dates. Weaning dates, sell dates, or any other custom action you may need can also be added as custom tasks.


To improve your rabbitry efficiency.

Everbreed can send phone notifications and/ or emails so you never miss an important task like adding a nest box for a pregnant doe. Weigh-ins for growing kits will always be done at the right time. Furthermore, you can get notifications for nail trimming and routine medications/ preventatives so you never forget about them.

Connect to your Calendar

Multiple Formats

You can view your tasks in multiple formats. Because of this, you can use the format that best fits you. List, Calendar, and Chain views are available. Filtering and sorting are also accessible to help you declutter and elevate the tasks you want to view.

Sync your Schedule

You can sync your rabbit breeding schedule and litter tasks with your favorite calendar program. As a result, your rabbitry management tasks will be in the same place as all of your other life events.

Easy Printing

The task list and calendar can be downloaded as a .csv file for easy printing.

Customer Reviews


“The schedule for breeding does and when to put in nest boxes is wonderful.”
M Racer

Everbreed keeps me organized.

“It is super easy to schedule breedings, record births, keep track of birthdates, breeders, and kits, and check genetics.”
Delaine P.

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