Everbreed is committed to creating the most loved and most used rabbit breeding software in the world. Many rabbitries are seeing direct impacts in their productivity and efficiency due to using Everbreed. In this article we are showcasing one of our customers, Patrick Card of Buckingham Rabbitry. The rabbitry is located near Knoxville, Tennessee and we will learn how he is using Everbreed to manage his rabbitry.

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Introduction to Buckingham Rabbitry 

Buckingham Rabbitry is a small backyard rabbitry. After retirement from full-time work, the rabbitry was started as a hobby. A trio of rabbits, two adult does, and one adult buck established the beginning of a new endeavor. The rabbitry raises pedigreed red and broken red New Zealand rabbits, TAMUK rabbits, and TAMUK Composite rabbits. They focus on breeding for personal meat, replacement breeders, and other responsible owners.

Currently, the rabbit breeding program consists of 9 breeders, 4 bucks and 5 does. Buckingham Rabbitry is one of only a few TAMUK and TAMUK composite breeders in the East Tennessee region. Consequently, their first-hand experience and enjoyment with the breed is beneficial knowledge to anyone looking to learn about the breed. For more information on the history and characteristics of TAMUK rabbits, please reference the Educational Article on Everbreed’s Blog.

How Buckingham Rabbitry is Using Everbreed

Everbreed has been a part of Buckingham Rabbitry since its beginning, over two years ago. As previously stated, the rabbitry started with a breeding trio. Over the subsequent year, the rabbitry quickly expanded to over a dozen breeders. At one point, the program included pedigreed New Zealand whites and reds, Silver Fox, TAMUKS, and TAMUK Composites. Manually keeping track of all of the rabbitry information is a daunting and time-consuming task. So, a decision was made at the onset to utilize an inline rabbit management software program. After reviewing the available programs, both free and paid, Everbreed stood out amongst the rest. This is due to its versatility, functionality, convenience, and compatibility across multiple computer, tablet, and phone platforms.

Buckingham Rabbitry

Tracking Program Information

Buckingham Rabbitry especially enjoys using Everbreed on a smartphone. This way they can make immediate changes and updates right in the barn at the rabbit cage. Later these changes can be reviewed on a desktop computer. Follow-up decisions can then be made to enhance the overall rabbitry program. The “Task” feature is particularly useful for specific and timely reminders. For example, placing a nesting box in a gestating doe’s cage at the right time.

Impact on Rabbitry Management

For continued success, rabbit breeders need to effectively manage their breeding, kindling, weaning, and growth rate among other things. Imagine doing this manually for a dozen breeders and almost 100 kits. The process would be stressful and very time-consuming, not to mention the mistakes that can easily be made. Organization is key to an efficient rabbitry. Everbreed’s many features allow Buckingham Rabbitry to run smoothly and make sure they never miss an important task. Patrick says, “Without Everbreed, managing Buckingham Rabbitry would be chaotic and confusing”.

Tennessee rabbits - TAMUK

Rabbitry Goals 

Buckingham Rabbitry follows a twice-yearly doe breeding schedule. Others may choose to breed more aggressively to produce more kits, as long as their breeders are healthy and capable. Patrick mentions, “Due to space constraints, Buckingham Rabbitry plans to maintain breeding twice a year. However, Everbreed could easily manage a much more frequent breeding schedule”.


Everbreed allows Buckingham Rabbitry the ability to easily manage multiple rabbit activities without excessive effort. This makes for more time spent caring for the adult rabbits and the beautiful kits they produce!

If you would like to reach out to Buckingham Rabbitry you can contact them at buckinghamrabbitry@yahoo.com

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