Can domestic rabbits live outside

As potential breeders explore the world of rabbit raising, a recurring question arises: Can domestic rabbits live outside? In contrast to the prevalent preference for indoor habitats, seasoned breeders assert that domestic rabbits can not only survive but also flourish in outdoor cages, provided they are equipped with appropriate conditions. Rabbits have all of the necessary qualities to live outside without issue. This article aims to highlight the advantages of exclusively outdoor living in cages and the crucial considerations to ensure the well-being of our rabbits in this environment.

The optimal setting for domestic rabbits

Outdoor Oasis: The Optimal Setting for Domestic Rabbits

Embracing the Open Air 

In the wild, rabbits navigate open spaces, hop through grassy fields, and burrow. Their habits depend on the season and their body goes through natural, physical changes to equip them for weather differences. Allowing domestic rabbits to reside exclusively in outdoor cages replicates an environment closely resembling their natural habitat, contributing to their overall well-being and fostering contentment and happiness. Outside, their bodies can still go through their natural changes, such as the thickness of fur. This does not pair well with indoor living.

Changes in Diet when Domestic Rabbits Live Outside 

When rabbits live indoors, their environment is typically steady all year long. This consistency is not normal or natural to rabbits. As seasons change, rabbit’s eating and exercising habits change, allowing their bodies to go through natural molting stages. Living indoors, these processes can’t happen like they are supposed to. 

Sunlight and Fresh Air: Essential Elements for Rabbits

Similar to their wild counterparts, domestic rabbits benefit immensely from exposure to natural sunlight. Sunlight provides essential vitamin D crucial for bone health. Fresh air, free from indoor ventilation systems, contributes to superior respiratory health. This combination fosters a robust immune system, reducing the risk of common illnesses, and promoting a healthy breeding program. 

Stress Reduction and Natural Behavior

Rabbits are naturally curious and social creatures. The sights and sounds of the outdoors stimulate their senses, preventing boredom and decreasing stress levels. Exclusive outdoor living encourages positive behaviors and natural bodily changes as the weather alters. 

Addressing concerns when domestic rabbits live outside

Addressing Concerns When Domestic Rabbits Live Outside

Weather-Resistant Cages 

While outdoor living in cages is favorable, it’s crucial to provide rabbits with shelters that shield them from harsh weather conditions. Sturdy and weather-resistant cages ensure that rabbits can seek refuge during storms or extreme weather events, ensuring their safety and comfort. This doesn’t have to be complicated because a windbreak and partial roof are all you need. Some breeders choose to staple empty feed bags over the sides of their rabbit cages during the windy season. As long as the rabbits have a space away from wind and rain or snow they will thrive. 

Access to Essential Resources 

To guarantee the health of outdoor-caged rabbits, access to fresh water and a balanced diet remains paramount. Regularly checking water dispensers prevents dehydration, and providing a mix of rabbit pellets and high-quality hay ensures a well-rounded diet, sustaining their nutritional needs and contributing to dental health. Hydration and regular eating allow rabbits to efficiently regulate their body temperatures, so they must have constant access to both. 

Cage Security and Comfort 

Creating a secure outdoor space involves ensuring that cages are escape-proof and predator-proof. Well-designed outdoor cages offer rabbits the freedom to explore without compromising their safety and comfort. You should research the predators that are in your area so you can effectively protect your rabbits against them. Neighborhood dogs can be some of the worst threats to domestic rabbits. 

Can domestic rabbits live outside - Conclusion

Advocating for the Exclusive Outdoor Lifestyle 

For those less familiar with rabbit care, the idea of confining a domestic rabbit exclusively to outdoor cages may seem unconventional. However, the benefits of this lifestyle, when coupled with responsible care, far outweigh the concerns. It is crucial for rabbit breeders to advocate for this exclusive outdoor cage lifestyle, dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding the well-being of rabbits in such settings. Ultimately, domestic rabbits thrive the most outdoors, where their body can go through their normal biological changes as the seasons change. 


In conclusion, domestic rabbits can indeed thrive exclusively in outdoor cages and lead fulfilling lives when provided with the right conditions. By mimicking their natural habitat, offering limited yet sufficient exercise space within secure and weather-resistant cages, and addressing essential needs such as food and hydration, we can unlock the full potential of outdoor living for domestic rabbits. As breeders, enthusiasts, and caretakers, let us embrace the idea that, with proper care and attention, our fluffy companions can flourish in outdoor cages, experiencing the joy of the great outdoors.

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