Rabbit Marketplace and Bug Fixes

Embark on a seamless rabbit breeding journey with Everbreed’s recent rabbit Marketplace updates and bug fixes, addressing critical issues to elevate your experience. Our commitment to providing a reliable platform for rabbit breeders extends beyond the rabbit Marketplace Review System. In this article, we explore the essential bug fixes that enhance the functionality of Everbreed, ensuring a smooth process for managing rabbit records. From resolving issues with converting Kits to Breeders to fixing bugs in Pedigree Editing and Litter Tasks, Everbreed is dedicated to making your breeding experience efficient and trouble-free.

Rabbit Marketplace Updates

NEW Review System for the Rabbit Marketplace

Both buyers and sellers can be rated and reviewed on Everbreed’s rabbit Marketplace. This allows you to build confidence amongst your potential buyers as a seller. Additionally, it enables buyers to gain trust with sellers when looking for rabbits. You can give a rating of 1-5 stars as well as write a review. Buyers will need to create a buyer account and log in to leave a rating or review on a seller. 

Rabbit Marketplace Everbreed

Fixed Bugs

  • Converting Kit to Breeder – Users previously faced a bug hindering the conversion of Kits to Breeders. This issue has now been resolved, allowing users to transition seamlessly between these categories.
  • Editing Weights on Pedigrees – Users encountered a bug preventing them from editing Weights on Pedigrees. Everbreed has addressed and fixed this bug, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users managing Pedigree details.
  • Breeding Dates and Due Dates – A bug causing the incorrect display of Due dates when entering “Bred” dates has been resolved.
  • Sending PDF Pedigrees – Users experienced difficulty sending PDF Pedigrees due to a persistent bug. Everbreed has successfully fixed this issue, enabling users to effortlessly share Pedigrees in PDF format.

Learn more about Pedigrees with our Knowledgebase Articles.

  • Opening Pedigrees – Occasional freezes when opening Pedigrees have been resolved by Everbreed. Users can now enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience when accessing Pedigrees.
  • Saving New Information – Everbreed has fixed a bug preventing certain users from saving new information. The platform ensures a reliable space for users to update crucial details.
  • Monthly Finances – Everbreed resolved a bug causing the display of all-time Finances when applying the “Monthly” filter. Users can now expect accurate and filtered Financial insights tailored to their monthly records.

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  • Litter Tasks and Weights – The bug causing intermittent disappearance of Litter Tasks or Weights has been fixed. Everbreed ensures consistent visibility of these details for a comprehensive record of rabbit breeding activities.
  • Active Breeders Filter – Everbreed addressed a bug leading to the incorrect display of deceased rabbits with in the “Active Breeders” filter. The platform offers an accurate and reliable filtering system for Breeders.


In conclusion, Everbreed continues to prioritize the needs of rabbit breeders, offering a reliable and user-friendly platform for managing rabbit records. With the enhanced rabbit Marketplace review system and the resolution of various bugs, we aim to provide a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. 

Have you encountered a bug or issue? In this Knowledge Base article, you can learn how to report bugs in the web and mobile versions. This way, we can address the problem more quickly and ensure you are having a great experience while using our app for rabbit record-keeping.

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