Fixed Bugs in Your Rabbit Application

At Everbeed, we are focused on creating the best rabbit application for your rabbitry needs. This means we are adamantly fixing bugs and creating updates so our software will be the most useful in your barn. Did you know you can make suggestions for updates and improvements? On our Feedback Portal, you can vote on existing suggestions and make new suggestions. Below, you will find the recently fixed bugs in your rabbit application.

Fixed Bugs

  • Saving and Creating Breedings – Some users were not able to save Breedings or create Breed Tasks due to a bug. This bug is now resolved.
  • Updating Rabbity Settings – Rabbitry Settings could not be updated because of a bug.. The bug is fixed.
  • Archived Litter Information – Occasionally, Archived Litter information could not be accessed because of a bug. This bug has since been resolved.
  • Making Foster Kits Into Breeders – A bug did not allow Foster Kits to be made into Breeders. The bug is now fixed.
  • Filtering by Nest Box Date – Due to a bug, the Task List could not be filtered by Nest Box Date. This bug has been resolved.
  • Breeder Tab – Certain users’ Breed Tab would not load because of a bug, that bug is now fixed.
  • Undo “Sold” – A bug was not allowing users to undo the “Sold” action. This bug is resolved now.
  • Searching Litters – There was a bug sometimes not allowing Litters to be Searched. The bug has since been fixed.
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Have you encountered a bug or issue? In this Knowledge Base article, you can learn how to report bugs in the web and mobile versions. This way, we can address the problem more quickly and ensure you are having a great experience while using our app for rabbit record-keeping.

We, at Everbreed, are also working on automation testing and back-end cleanup to reduce the number of bugs and issues from arising long-term.

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