How long are rabbits pregnant

“How long are rabbits pregnant?” is a vital question when you start breeding rabbits. Being prepared for the kits (baby rabbits) and setting the doe (mom rabbit) up for success will increase the survival rate for the kits.

Things to Consider First

Before breeding your rabbits you should make sure they are prepared to breed. One of the first questions is “How old does a rabbit have to be to breed?”. Making sure your rabbits are adequately prepared will increase the chances for healthy kits and breeders. 

Another thing to keep in mind is ensuring the ethical breeding of rabbits. Ethics should be a top priority for all rabbitries. Being overly aware of how you treat your animals will keep their health and safety at the forefront of your mind, and the rabbits will be more content.


Rabbits are pregnant for roughly 31 days, but they can have their kits early or late. 28-40 days is often considered the window in which they could kindle. It is recommended to leave the nest box in the cage until at least day 40 in case the doe kindles late. 

Breed, weather, and stress levels can affect when exactly the doe will give birth. Rabbits don’t have clear labor signs so there aren’t many changes before they give birth, other than building their nest. Sometimes the doe may slow down her eating or drinking in the day or hours before kindling, but this isn’t true for all rabbits. 

Some does are overachievers and build their nests weeks early if given the opportunity. On the other hand, some does build their nests as they are kindling. So, the nest building is not a clear sign on when the doe will kindle.

Setting The Doe Up For Success

“How long are rabbits pregnant?” is only one of the first questions in setting your doe up for success. There are a few things you can do to make sure your doe’s kindling environment is as stress-free as possible. 

First, you will want to keep the doe’s cage clean and away from predators or anything else that could cause her stress. Next, she will need proper nutrition while she is growing the kits in her body. Additionally, the doe will need a nest box when she gets closer to her due date, around day 28. 

These are all parts of rabbit breeding basics. When your kits arrive you will want to know what to do after your rabbit gives birth

A key part of having an efficient and flourishing rabbitry is keeping detailed rabbit records. Everbreed allows you to keep all of your records in one place, and you can access them from anywhere. You can track weights, pedigrees, finances, health records, and much more. Further, Everbreed notifies you of things like nest box additions and due dates.


“How long are rabbits pregnant?” is often one of the first questions when you are researching rabbit breeding. Although this is an important part of raising rabbits other crucial questions can directly affect your kit survival. Setting your does up for success and keeping detailed records helps to ensure a productive rabbitry.

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