We’ve completely redesigned the Task System to help you breed better. 

Everbreed makes rabbit breeding simple. The new Task System allows you to customize the process of events that happen during and after pregnancy. You can save multiple templates with different tasks to fit the needs of varying breeds and purposes. And there are now numerous ways to view and complete tasks, so your rabbits get the care they need.

Task Templates (formerly “Breed Chains”)

First, we’ve renamed Breed Chains to Task Templates, since that’s what they are – a template for a series of tasks that will be created in the future.

We’ve also split them into separate Breeder Task Templates and Litter Task Templates,. So that when a breeding occurs or a litter is born, the appropriate tasks are scheduled for you on your calendar

You can customize which tasks are created in your Settings page on the Schedule tab.

Breeder Task Templates

Breeder Task Templates allow you to save a series of events that need to take place after a rabbit is bred. When you schedule a breeding you can choose a Breeder Task Template to accompany it. You might include a pregnancy check and adding a nest box to the cage. Things such as vitamins and increases in feed can also be added as tasks in the template.

Litter Task Templates

Now, you can also create separate task templates for litters! When a litter is born, you can assign a Litter Task Template to take place as the litter ages. Many different templates can be saved, in order to fit the needs of litters born for different purposes. For example, litters born for meat may have different needs than litters born for pets or show, and each can have their own task template. Tattooing, weight checks, and sexing can all be made into tasks assigned to a litter.

Task Schedule Views

With multiple Task Views, you can now use the view that best fits your needs.


The Task List can be sorted, searched, filtered, and downloaded for easy printing. Now, you are able to click the Task icon to complete it. When you click the “Weigh” icon the Weigh form will populate. After weighing is done and saved, the task is automatically marked as complete.


Looking at the Calendar view you can clearly see which tasks are due on which days of the week. Users are able to click on tasks to initiate corresponding forms and complete the Tasks. Searching and filtering can also be done in the Calendar view. 


Chain view makes it easy to visualize the order in which tasks need to happen, and how they compare to other rabbits with assigned Breeder Task Templates. The chain view can be searched and filtered, and tasks can be completed when the icons are selected.

Breed Plans

The Breed Plans view is a complete list of current (active) and past (archived) Breed Plans. This list can be searched and edited. There is a column to see how many tasks have been completed out of the total number of tasks scheduled for a specific Breed Plan. 

We hope you enjoy these new updates to the Task System. If you have any feedback, please let us know. And like always, if you have ideas for ways we can improve the program further, please visit our Feedback Portal and let us know.

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