Everbreed is constantly making updates to help you breed better. In this article, you will find our recent updates and fixed bugs. Most of our changes come from users like you. If you would like to make a suggestion or vote on an existing suggestion, visit our Feedback Portal.

New Updates

Task Status Filters Added to Calendar View

Tabs have been added to the Calendar view (All, General, Breeders, Litters, and Archived). Instead of viewing all tasks, current and completed, you can now filter the Calander Task view by the task’s status and who it’s for. This makes it easier to view the specific tasks you’re looking for, and also declutter your calendar view if you have a lot of tasks.

Search for Rabbits by Prefix

Breeder and Litter lists can now be filtered by the rabbit breeder’s Prefix. If you use Prefixes to determine where the rabbit came from or was bred, you can now see the complete list of Breeders or Litters that came from a specific source.

Task Management System Now Live for Everyone

The new Task Management System has now been deployed to all users! This is a huge improvement for Everbreed. Multiple Task Views allow you to utilize the format that best fits your needs. Furthermore, tasks can now be completed by selecting the corresponding icon or the underlined Task name. You can learn more about the new Task System here.

Help Text Added to Litter Modules

Help text has been added to modules concerning Litters in the Mobile App (Web coming soon). An “i” icon shows next to categories with a description of what the category is used for. All modules involved with Litters now have help text in the Mobile App.

QR Scanner “Back” Button for iOS Users

A “Back” button has been added for iOS users when they enter the QR scanner.

Future Tasks for Dead Rabbits Deleted

When a Breeder is marked dead future tasks are now removed. So, this no longer has to be done manually.

Fixed Bugs

  • Kit Weights – New kit weights and average kit weights now show correctly.
  • Deleting Tasks – The app no longer crashes when trying to delete tasks. 
  • Duplicate Tasks – Tasks are not duplicated anymore.
  • Sold/ Inactive Kits – Sold and inactive kits are now not included when an entire litter is sold, weighed, or butchered.

If you come across a bug, please let our Support team know about it so we can get it resolved for you. To report a bug in the mobile app, just shake your phone and it will send the bug report straight to our team with a screenshot. To report a bug in the web version, you can either email us (select Email from the menu after logging in) or chat with us using the green Chat icon in the bottom right.

Thank you for using Everbreed and we look forward to continuing to improve the software in the weeks ahead as we strive toward our mission of creating the most loved and most used software for the responsible breeding of animals, and to help you breed better.

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