Everbreed has been working hard on improving all of our features, in this latest update we focused on the Dashboard and Reports pages. If you have a suggestion or would like to vote on existing suggestions visit our Feedback Portal.


Do Task

A “Do Task” option is located within the ellipses(…) menu for tasks that need information in order to complete. You can complete tasks by selecting the underlined task name, task icon, or “Do Task” within the ellipses menu.

New Dashboard design on the mobile app

The new mobile app Dashboard includes a welcome message and a summary of your Reports. Active Breeders, active Litters, kits born, and Finances are all listed on the Dashboard. There is also a Schedule tab in the main menu at the bottom of the screen to make accessing your tasks simple.

New Reports page design

Reports help give you a closer look at how your rabbitry is doing on a statistical level. The Reports page now works faster and more efficiently. You can view all Reports as a graph or table. In addition, you can export all Reports as a .csv file. This allows for effortless downloading and printing. Beta users have access to the new release and it will be sent to more users in the coming weeks. The new design is paving the way for more new Reports in the future.

Help text added to Litters forms

Forms associated with Litters now have help text to guide you through completing them. Each category has an “i” icon next to it. This lists more information about the purpose of the category.

Required field warning

When a required field is missed while adding a new breeder a warning shows to inform you what is missing, even if you are on a different tab. This helps make sure you have adequate information to describe a Breeder in order to distinguish them from others.

Bug Fixes

  • Editing a Litter –  Fixed bug where the mobile app was sometimes crashing when editing a litter.
  • Updating a Breeder Profile – Fixed bug a user was having with updating a breeder’s profile.
  • Genotypes – Genotypes were sometimes not saved when updating a Breeder Profile, this was fixed.
  • Breeder Weights – New Breeder weights saved through the app are now displaying properly.  
  • New Birth – Fixed bug that was causing some users’ litters list to not refresh after recording a new birth.

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