New and upcoming features for rabbitry management

Everbreed has some very exciting updates coming in the near future that will simplify your rabbitry management! In the mean time we have fully released the new Dashboard and have been busy fixing bugs. Most of our feature and improvement suggestions come from users like you. On our Feedback Portal you can vote on existing suggestions and make new suggestions.

Getting to Know the New Dashboard

The new Dashboard is now released to all users! Your Dashboard serves as an overview of your rabbitry. Below you will find descriptions of the features present on the Dashboard.

Welcome Message

At the top of your Dashboard, there is a welcome message that may provide a tip, help guide you through setting up your account, or congratulate you on recent events. These messages will periodically change based on what is happening in your rabbitry. Additionally, there is an “X” in the top right corner that allows you to close the welcome message if you do not want to see it.

Dashboard welcome message

Action Buttons for Rabbitry Management

Action buttons are available on your Dashboard so that you can easily record common tasks in your rabbitry.

Web – In the web version there are action buttons along the top left as well as a waffle icon menu in the top right. Between these two menus, you can record any of the common actions within your rabbitry: breed, birth, weigh, butcher, breeder, many breeders, breeder category, litter, breed plan, and ledger entry. 

Mobile – Clicking the green “+” in the bottom right will open a menu with options to add a task, a breeding, a birth, weights, or butchering.


Below the welcome message, you will find a summary of your Reports. Here, you can see your number of active breeders (sorted by bucks and does), active litters, your number of kits born, and a summary of your finances. You will also see your production graph, number of kits and litters, your average age to butcher, and your survival rate. This quick overview will help give you a glimpse at your rabbitry’s efficiency.

Rabbitry Management Schedule

Next, you will find your Schedule. At the top, you can toggle between List, Calendar, and Chain views, you can also add and complete tasks in the Schedule section. Consequently, you can manage all of your tasks right from your Dashboard.

Rabbitry management schedule

Blog Posts

At the bottom of your Dashboard, you will see our most recent Blog posts. This is a great way to stay up to date on the updates we are making and the bugs we are fixing. You will also find our Educational Articles that cover a variety of topics related to rabbit breeding on our Blog.

Litter ID

You now have two options for how you want to handle your Litter IDs: entering them manually or automatically increasing them by an increment of 1. This can be changed in your General Settings. If you choose to have your Litter IDs automatically increase by 1, all characters before the last number will stay the same each time a Litter ID is generated.

Everbreed litter ID

Coming Soon

We have some exciting new things in the works!

Health Tracker for Rabbitry Management

The highly suggested Health Tracker is finished and is currently in beta testing! Once it is finished in testing it will be added to some plans. This new feature will integrate with the Task System, allowing you to track ailments with symptoms, treatments, and more. You can also record things like regular nail trimming and vitamins with the new Health Tracker.

Everbreed Health Tracker

Account Page

The Account pages will soon have a new look and it is slowly releasing to users. This update is going to make it easier to switch plans, change your payment, view receipts, and manage your referrals.

Account page Everbreed

Fixed Bugs

  • Genotypes – There was a bug sometimes not allowing genotypes to be entered manually. This bug has been resolved.
  • Foster Kits – A bug has been fixed that was sometimes causing fostered kits to not move to their new litter.
  • Weights – There was a bug occasionally not allowing weights to be save in the mobile app and this bug has been fixed.
  • Duplicated Tasks – Tasks were sometimes being duplicated due to a bug, the bug has been resolved.
  • Recording Births – A bug was fixed that was occasionally not allowing users to record new births.
  • International Dates – A bug was causing international dates to change to US dates when generating pedigrees, the bug has been resolved.

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