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Another Way to Complete System Tasks

System Tasks are Tasks that you can record and complete in Everbreed, some examples are pregnancy checks, breedings, and births. These Tasks also contribute to your rabbitry Reports. You can complete system Tasks by selecting the check box next to them, as well as selecting the Task icon or underlined Task name. Therefore, you can choose the option you best prefer.

Learn more about the Task System with our Knowledge Base Articles.

Default breeders and Litters List

When viewing the Breeder or Litters list you can choose how many Breeders or Litters you want to see on a page. This selection saves for future use, so you will always see however many you selected. You can change the number at any time. If you do not want to see a large list, this helps declutter your page. Filtering and searching your list will also help elevate the Breeders or Litters you want to see.

Everbreed breeders list

Notifications on Multiple Devices

Everbreed sends Task notifications so that you never miss an important Task that needs to happen in your rabbitry. These notifications also send to all devices logged in to your Everbreed account, which means your account can inform numerous people on current tasks. Consequently, managing rabbits of considerable size becomes simpler and more efficient.

Fixed Bugs

  • Mobile Photos – A bug was fixed that wasn’t allowing photos to be uploaded from the mobile app. 
  • PDFs – There was a bug causing PDFs to not generate correctly, it has been fixed. 
  • Missed Breedings – A bug was sometimes not allowing users to record a missed breeding. This bug has been resolved.
  • Notifications – Some users experienced a bug that was not allowing notifications to be “read”. The bug has been fixed.

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