Rabbit Breeder Status Update and Fixed Bugs

Keeping track of your rabbit Breeder and Litter records is incredibly important when managing a successful rabbitry. At Everbreed, we are consistently working to create and update the most useful tool in your rabbitry, your record-keeping system. Without accurate records, mistakes and quickly be made that could have lasting effects. Most of our ideas for updates come from users like you. On our Feedback Portal, you can vote on existing suggestions and make new ones. In this article, you will find an update on rabbit Breeder Status changes and fixed bugs.

Rabbit Breeders Status Change Dates

When a change is made to a rabbit Breeder’s Status, such as marking it as Dead, Butchered, Culled, Archived, or Sold, the date of the status change will be noted on the Breeder Profile.

Rabbit Breeder Status Change

This is another step up to keep your Rabbit Breeder records organized and complete. Now, when you need to look back on dates that important events happened, they can easily be found.

Fixed Bugs

  • Searching Litters – Some users were not able to search the Litters tab because of a bug. This bug is fixed now.
  • “Unselling” Rabbits – A bug was occasionally not allowing users to “Unsell” rabbits. The bug is resolved.
  • Editing Multiple Breeders – When selecting multiple Breeders and clicking the Edit icon, a bug was causing the Breed from to populate. This bug is now fixed.
  • Making Foster Kits Into Breeders – A bug did not allow Foster Kits to be made into Breeders. The bug is now fixed.
  • Culling Fostered Kits – Due to a bug, the “Cull” option was not available for Fostered Kits. The bug has been resolved.
  • Searching A Breeder’s Litters – Not all of a Breeder’s Litters were appearing when searched because of a bug, this bug is fixed.
  • Archive Litters Feature – A bug was sometimes making the “Archive Litter” feature endlessly load. The bug is now resolved.
  • Editing Rabbitry Information – Some users were not able to Edit Rabbitry Information due to a bug. This bug is resolved.
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Have you encountered a bug or issue? In this Knowledge Base article, you can learn how to report bugs in the web and mobile versions. This way, we can address the problem more quickly and ensure you are having a great experience while using our app for rabbit record-keeping.

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