Rabbit Pedigree Updates, Fixed Bugs, and More

We have had some exciting updates and fixed bugs recently! There are also some big updates coming in the near future, including the new rabbit Marketplace where rabbits can be bought and sold. The beta version of the Marketplace should be ready for testing this month. We will be inviting some users to try it out before it is rolled out to everyone. Everbreed is always working to make improvements to your record-keeping system so your rabbitry can run as smoothly as possible. Most of our suggestions for improvements come from users like you. On our Feedback Portal, you can vote on existing suggestions and make new ones. Below, you will find rabbit Pedigree updates, updates for Kits, and fixed bugs.

Male and Female Symbols Now Show as “Buck” or “Doe” on Printed Rabbit Pedigrees

Instead of just male and female symbols on Pedigrees, there is also the word “Buck” or “Doe” to comply with ARBA requirements. The words only show on exported or printed Pedigrees, the symbols will still appear in the app.

Rabbit Pedigree Updates

“Live Kits” and “Kits to Date” Displays in Breeder Profiles are Clickable

You can click the “Live Kits” and “Kits to Date” displays within a Breeder Profile to directly view the corresponding Kit Profiles.

Breeder Profile Kit Updates

Consequently, this makes it easier to edit or change the status of a certain Breeder’s Kits. The Filters will automatically apply to only show the Breeder’s Live Kits or Kits to Date.

Breeder Profile Kits

Litter Notes Page

There have been a few small updates to the Litter Notes page to make features and buttons more accessible. More updates are coming for this page as well.

Fixed Bugs

  • App Users and Login – Some app users who pay through Android or iOS were not able to login to their account. This was because their payment was not linking properly. This issue has been resolved for most users and a permanent fix has been released. If you are not able to login please reach out so we can fix it.
  • Exporting Pedigrees – Occasionally, iOS app users were having trouble exporting Pedigrees but we were not able to replicate the bug on our end. We did release a new version of the app that might fix the issue. If you are still having trouble please let us know more details such as which specific rabbit you are trying to export and what specific steps you took to initiate export.
  • Adding a Litter – Users were sometimes having issues adding Litters, due to a bug. This bug is now fixed. 
  • Weight Graph for Breeders Without Kits – Breeders who do not have Kits did not have the Weight Graph under the Stats tab due to a bug. The bug is resolved.
  • Breed Task – A bug in the mobile app was sometimes not creating a Breed Task after a Breeding was recorded. This bug is fixed now. 
  • Selling Rabbits in the Mobile App – There was a bug fixed in the mobile app that was not marking rabbits as “Sold” if they were sold to a new Contact. 
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Have you encountered a bug or issue? In this Knowledge Base article, you can learn how to report bugs in the web and mobile versions. This way, we can address the problem more quickly and ensure you are having a great experience while using our app for rabbit record-keeping.

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