Rabbit software updates and fixed bugs

Everbreed is committed to constantly improving our rabbit software so we can best meet all of your rabbitry needs. Over the past couple of weeks, we have made many updates and fixed bugs that were disrupting use. Most of our suggestions for improvements come from users like you. On our Feedback Portal, you can vote on existing suggestions and make new ones.

Due Date Column Added to Breed Plan List

Your Breed Plan List includes a column with Due Dates. Along with Due Dates, there are columns for Doe, Buck, Start Date, Breed Chain, Number of Tasks, and Status. The Breed Plan List is a part of the Schedule feature in your rabbit software.

Learn How to Use the Schedule Feature in our Knowledge Base.

Due date column rabbit software

Offline Syncing for Task System on the Mobile App

You can make updates to your Task System on the Mobile App while offline and they will upload when you are online again. This means you can make edits to your rabbit software while in the barn, like confirming Pregnancy Checks, Weighing Litters, and more!

Just remember, Tasks may take a little longer to appear next time you are online because the Tasks are downloading.

Optimized Loading Speed on Many Pages for your Rabbit Software

Numerous pages have been updated to refine the loading speed. This ensures you use your time efficiently while in the rabbitry. The Breeder and Litter List now load more quickly. Load times have also been improved while saving Breeders and Litters. Lastly, the Breeder Stats page has been optimized for loading speed.

Optimized loading speed rabbit software

Kits Marked Dead Show in Breeder Profile (Litters Tab) and Litter Profile

When you mark kits dead they still appear with their Litter so that the total Kit count is correct. If you view a Litter within a Breeder Profile, the Kit’s status will say “Died”. Additionally, if you open a Litter Profile, the dead Kit’s profile will no longer be present. You can also see the number of dead Kits in the Stats along the top and in more detail within the “Stats” tab.

Rabbit software litter profile

Finances Page Updated to Improve your Rabbit Software

The Finances page has tabs along the top for the Ledger, Contacts, and Categories. Using Contacts and Categories helps to organize your Financial Ledger. You can filter your Ledger by Contact and Category as well.

Learn How to Use the Financing Feature in our Knowledge Base.

Finances tabs rabbit software

Fixed Bugs

  • Uploading Kit Pictures – Some users were experiencing issues while uploading Kit pictures due to a bug. This bug has been resolved.
  • Login – A bug was not allowing some users to login. The bug has been fixed.
  • Cage Card PDF – There was a bug causing Cage Cards PDFs to display incorrectly, the bug has been resolved.
  • Bulk Cage Actions – Kits were not appearing when weighing, butchering, or selling all Kits in a Cage due to a bug. This bug has been fixed.
  • Archived Tasks – A bug was sometimes causing Archived Tasks to display in the Active list. The bug has been resolved.
  • Updated on Samsung Devices – The mobile app was occasionally crashing for Samsung users after the latest update due to a bug. This bug has been fixed.

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