Raising rabbits simplified

Keeping excellent records while raising rabbits just became easier with Everbreed’s new Referral and Account pages. We have been working hard behind the scenes to refine your favorite rabbit software. Most of our feature and improvement suggestions come from users like you. If you have a suggestion for an improvement or would like to vote on existing suggestions, visit our Feedback Portal.

NEW Referral Program

In addition to earning $5 for every friend you refer, they will also receive a $5 credit. The new Referrals Page makes sending email invitations and sharing your unique referral link on social media even easier. You can also track how many people have used your link to sign up. If you love Everbreed, start sharing with others who are raising rabbits, and earning credit!

Everbreed rabbit breeder referral program

NEW Accounts Page

The Accounts Pages have been refurbished to simplify viewing your current Everbreed plan, payment history, next payment date, and amount. It is also easier to upgrade or downgrade your Everbreed plan. Don’t forget, you save 25% when you switch to an annual plan!

Everbreed rabbit accounts page

Duplicate Breeder ID

You can use breeder IDs twice if the original breeder is inactive. A warning will show if you type an existing Breeder ID.

Search Breed Plans and Breeders When Creating a Litter

When you create a new litter you can search for breeders. This is especially helpful while raising rabbits if you have many breedings recorded at the same time.

everbreed add new litter - raising rabbits

Improved Loading Speed

The loading speed for the Task list and Breeder list is now quicker, which will help efficiency when inputting records.

Fixed Bugs

  • Task Completion – The mobile iOS app was crashing when completing a task due to a bug. This bug has been fixed.
  • Pedigrees – A bug was causing pedigrees to not load for some users. The bug has been resolved.
  • Breed Plans – Tasks involved in breed plans were occasionally not displaying on the correct day due to a bug. This bug has been fixed.

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