Everbreed is consistently making updates to improve the usability of our rabbit management software, and adding new features, making it easier for you to breed better rabbits.

Below are some of the biggest changes we made to the program in January and February 2022. Most of these changes came from requests from our users. To make a suggestion or vote on existing suggestions, visit our feedback portal here https://everbreed.featureupvote.com/.

Jan-Feb 2022 Updates:

  • You can now to Sell, Weigh, and Butcher an entire litter at once. Just move the slider to “Entire Litter”. The weight (or price, if selling) will automatically be divided equally among all the kits in the litter.
  • One of the biggest changes in the new Task System update is that Breed Chains are now called “Task Templates” and have been split into “Breeder Task Templates” and “Litter Task Templates”. Both templates can be completely customized and multiple versions can be saved to meet the needs of varying breeds and purposes. When a breeding is reported, you can assign a Breeder Task Template, and when a birth is reported, you can assign a Litter Task Template. These templates will then automatically create all the corresponding tasks for you on your calendar and schedule.
  • The Breeder “Timeline” tab has is now named “Tasks”. You can view tasks due for an individual breeder within the breeder’s profile. You can filter these tasks by “General”, “Active”, and “Archived”. Clicking a task icon populates the corresponding form to complete the task. 
  • If you accidentally mark a task as complete, you can undo the task. In the web version, a yellow box will show up in the upper right corner with an “Undo” button. 
  • The Task List can now be synced with your calendar program or downloaded as an csv file, just like the Calendar list. Your calendar and will automatically update as you update your Everbreed calendar.
  • Tasks can be filtered by task type in list view and calendar view. For example, if you wanted to search for all of your pending “Next Box” or “Pregnancy Check” tasks, you could do that. Just click the “Filter” option next to the Search bar.
  • Fostering kits to inactive litters is now possible and the Foster form can be searched for the correct litter.

Recent Bug Fixes

  • A big was fixed concerning selling a kit.
  • Multiple bugs have been fixed concerning fostering kits.
  • Missing pedigree bugs have been resolved. 
  • Bugs were fixed that were not saving kit weights, and unevenly distributing them. 
  • A bug has been fixed that was not allowing Android users to add a Litter from the Litter page. 
  • Clicking the Weigh icon for a Breeder now opens the Weigh form. 
  • A bug that was making Litter ages inconsistent has been resolved. 
  • Archived Litter page loading speed improved. 
  • Fixed bug where some users were unable to see pre-butcher weights.
  • Several other minor bugs and visual display bugs were fixed, including bugs that were affecting small numbers of users.

If you come across a bug, please let our Support team know about it so we can get it resolved for you. To report a bug in the mobile app, just shake your phone and it will send the bug report straight to our team with a screenshot. To report a bug in the web version, you can either email us (select Email from the menu after logging in), or chat with us using the green Chat icon in the bottom right.

Thank you for using Everbreed and we look forward to continuing to improve the software in the weeks ahead as we strive toward our mission of creating the most loved and most used software for the responsible breeding of animals, and to help you breed better.

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