Recently Fixed Bugs In Your Rabbitry App

Everbreed is committed to bringing you the best possible rabbitry app, to make your breeding experience efficient and effective. In the past few weeks, we have focused on fixing bugs to meet all of your needs. Have you encountered an issue while using Everbreed? In this Knowledge Base article, you can learn how to report things that are not working properly.

Fixed Bugs

  • Reporting Births From Task List – There was a bug causing some users to not be able to create a Birth from the Task List. This bug has been fixed.
  • Pedigrees Not Filling In Past Generations – Some users’ Pedigrees were missing information that is meant to fill in automatically, due to a bug. That bug has been resolved.
  • Saving Breedings – Occasionally, users were not able to save breedings because of a bug. The bug is now fixed.
  • Producing Pedigree PDFs – A bug was sometimes making Pedigree PDFs not generate correctly. This bug has been resolved.
  • Rabbitry Information On Pedigrees – Due to a bug, old rabbitry information was sometimes appearing on Pedigrees, rather than the updated information. That bug has been fixed.
  • Cage Cards With V or W Genotypes – Some users were not able to print Cage Cards with V or W Genotypes because of a bug. The bug has been resolved.
  • Disappearing Breeders – A bug was occasionally causing Breeders to disappear from the Breeder List. This bug is now fixed.
  • Litter Bred And Birth Dates – There was a bug combining the Bred and Birth dates when entering a new Litter. That bug has been resolved.

Everbreed is also working on back end cleanup and automation testing to reduce bugs and issues from arising long-term. When you report a bug we are able to address it more quickly, so we can ensure you have a great experience while using our rabbitry app.

Do you have an idea to improve Everbreed? On our Feedback Portal you can make suggestions for improvements and vote on existing suggestions. Most of our ideas for new features come from users like you, so we appreciate your feedback!

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