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Everbreed is consistently making updates and fixing bugs to improve the program’s usability. Most of our suggestions come from users like you. You can make suggestions and vote on existing suggestions on our Feedback Portal. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to keep track of your rabbit breeding schedule, without the headache of random paper stacks and spreadsheets.

NEW Litters Page Design

A tab for litters, kits, and cages is present on the Litters page. This new look helps you better organize your kits after they are weaned and moved to grow-out cages. The litters, kits, and cages tabs can be searched to find what you are looking for specifically. You can also select multiple litters, kits, and cages in order to edit or delete them at the same time.

New litters page design for your rabbit breeding schedule

Production Report Changed to “Top Breeders” Report on the Dashboard

The production graph on the Dashboard has been replaced with a “Top Breeders” graph (the Production Report can still be seen on the Reports page). Breeders shown on this graph have produced the highest number of live kits within your rabbitry. This information is useful when creating your rabbit breeding schedule. Knowing your top-producing rabbits will also be beneficial when choosing which genetic lines to keep within your herd, especially if production is a rabbitry goal of yours.

New dashboard report

Breed Multiple Does to the Same Buck at Once

You can breed multiple does at once to the same buck by selecting them from the Breeder list and then choosing “Breed”. This makes it easier to update your rabbit breeding schedule when you breed numerous does to the same buck in one day.


Inactive Breeders Report – Keep Your Rabbit breeding Schedule Up to Date

The Reports page features an “Inactive Breeders” report which displays the breeders in your account that have not had any recent tasks. You can choose how many days inactive so that only those rabbits display. The inactive breeders report helps you make sure you don’t forget any rabbits from your rabbit breeding schedule without intention.

Inactive breeders report to keep track of your rabbit breeding schedule

Knowledge Base Help Buttons Added to Each Page

There are buttons available on each page that bring you directly to the Knowledge Base articles corresponding to the page. You can find these buttons at the top of the page on the web version and at the bottom of the page for the mobile version. The Knowledge Base is full of articles that help you understand how to use each feature on Everbreed.

Knowledge base help buttons

Fixed Bugs

  • Duplicated Weights – A bug occasionally made weights duplicate in the web version. The bug has been fixed.
  • Wrong Litter – There was a bug causing different litters to open when selecting a litter to view. This bug has been resolved.
  • Pedigree Loading Speed – A bug was causing Pedigrees to load slowly. This bug has now been removed and Pedigrees load faster.
  • Custom Report Dates – The mobile app was occasionally crashing when users would try to set custom Report dates due to a bug. This bug has been fixed.
  • Breeders List Drop Down Menu – A bug was causing the Breeders list drop-down menu to go beyond the bottom of the screen. The bug has been resolved.
  • New Production Report – The new Production report was not updating when specific date ranges were selected because of a bug. The report now works correctly after the bug was fixed.
  • Manual Birth Dates – Birth dates can be entered manually as well as selected on the calendar.
  • Several small bugs were also fixed in the mobile apps that were reported by various users.

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