Reports for Rabbit breeders

Everbreed strives to be the most used and most loved rabbit software for rabbit breeders everywhere. We have been working diligently to improve our features and resolve bugs in order to fit the needs of rabbitries of all sizes. If you have any suggestions for improvements you can visit our Feedback Portal. Here, you can vote on existing suggestions and make new suggestions.


Reports Filtered by Breeder Category

You can now filter all Reports by Breeder Category. This helps to further compare specific groups of rabbits within your rabbitry. For example, if you use Breeder Categories to sort breeds, you can compare all of your Rex does directly. As a rabbit breeder, it is important to evaluate how efficient your breeders are because that directly transfers to overall rabbitry efficiency. Everbreed’s Reports give you the information you need in order to make decisions with the purpose of improving your rabbitry. 

Everbreed Reports for Rabbit Breeders

Dynamic Dashboard Messages for All Rabbit Breeders

Dashboard messages are now custom to the current happenings within your rabbitry. Additionally, the welcome message may offer tips to help you get started, inform you of rabbit facts, or congratulate you for accomplishments within your Everbreed account. These accomplishments could be things like adding your first litter or selling your first rabbit while using Everbreed. There is also an “X” located in the upper right corner of the welcome message that allows you to close the window. Note: The update is still rolling out so if you do not see it yet you will soon.

Welcome message for rabbit breeders

Dashboard Action Buttons

There are buttons at the top of your Dashboard for common actions within your rabbitry. These buttons include Breed, Birth, Weigh, and Butcher. Furthermore, within the waffle icon in the top right of your Dashboard you will find more action buttons. Consequently, you can record any of the typical actions in your rabbitry from your Dashboard.

Birth and Litter Forms Combined

The “Add a Litter” and “New Birth” forms are now the same form. This combination simplifies the process of recording a birth whether it is an existing litter or new litter. You can learn more about recording a birth or adding an existing litter in this Knowledgebase article. Note: This update is currently only available on web and will be added to the mobile app soon.

Fixed Bugs

  • Entering Weights – A bug was causing some Android users to not be able to save weights. This bug is now fixed. 
  • Tasks – There was a bug inhibiting the ability to complete tasks. It has been resolved. 
  • New Breeders – A bug was sometimes causing mobile app users to not be able to save new breeders. This bug has been fixed.
  • Notifications – Completed notifications were not leaving. The bug causing this issue has been resolved.
  • Transferred Rabbits – A bug was sometimes causing rabbits to not be transferred through the web. The bug has been resolved.

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