Everbreed is continually making improvements to make the web and mobile versions as functional and user-friendly as possible. Our software makes rabbit breeding and record keeping painless and enjoyable. Most of our suggestions come from users like you. If you have a suggestion or would like to vote on existing suggestions visit our Feedback Portal.


Blog Posts on the Dashboard

At the bottom of the Dashboard on the web version, you will find our latest Blog posts. This makes it easy for you to stay informed on all of our latest happenings.

Reports Help Text

All reports have an “i” icon, that when selected, tells you how the report is calculated. Reports give you insight as to how your rabbitry is performing. These helpful calculations will give you a better idea of where your attention should be focused to improve rabbitry efficiency.

Past and Future Rabbit Breeding

When recording a rabbit breeding, you can now choose whether it is a past or future breeding. A Task template will only be assigned if the breeding has already occurred. If the breeding has not occurred then only the breed task will be created. This helps keep your calendar from getting cluttered or needing to move tasks around later if the birth occurs on a different date than expected. Learn more about recording and scheduling rabbit breedings with Everbreed in our Knowledge Base article here.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fostered kits were sometimes showing the sire from the litter they were fostered to. This bug has been fixed.
  • A bug was occasionally not recording weights when using the Firefox web browser, it has been fixed.

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