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Task Notes – Rabbit Records Made Easy

Everbreed’s new Task System brings your rabbit records to a whole new level. In our Knowledge Base, you can learn more about utilizing the new Task System to make your rabbitry as efficient as possible.

When notes are made on a Task connected to a Breeder, the notes now automatically transfer to the Breeder’s notes. These notes can be found in the Breeder’s Profile under the “Notes” and then “Task Notes” tab. Because of this, all of that rabbit’s records will be in the same place and can always be referenced.

Things such as when a doe started pulling fur and how many runts are in a litter can be used as Task Notes.

Easy Access to Breeder and Litter Profiles from Schedule Pages

Within the List, Calendar, and Breed Plan Schedule views, the underlined Breeder name or Litter ID can be selected. This takes you directly to the Breeder or Litter Profile. Consequently, it is easy to view the rabbit records that correspond with the task. Actions can be taken from the Breeder or Litter Profile such as adding new tasks, looking at the pedigree/s, making notes, and more.

Pedigree Import Usability

Everbreed’s rabbit pedigrees are versatile, professional, and easy to use. In addition, there are numerous ways to import pedigrees including manually, from a spreadsheet (.csv file), and from other software for rabbit records. They can be shared as a PDF or public link in seconds, and it is simple to transfer rabbits, including their pedigree, to other Everbreed users. Our pedigrees can be completely customized and include your rabbitry information and logo. Learn more about Everbreed’s rabbit pedigrees in our Knowledge Base Pedigree Category.

It is now easier to import pedigree information from another rabbit in your Everbreed account. This is useful for siblings and other related rabbits. There is an option to import an entire line, either just the mother or father’s line, or both. You can also import just one rabbit in case they share some of the same lineage, but not all. Because of this, you do not have to manually enter information that is already saved in your Everbreed account.

Learn more about importing rabbits with our Knowledge Base Article.

Fixed Bugs

  • Recording a Birth – Android users sometimes could not record a birth from the Dashboard, this bug has been resolved.
  • “Uncull” Button for Kits – A bug was causing the “Uncull” button to occasionally not work, it has been fixed.
  • Kit Weight Display – When weighing an entire litter in the mobile app, a bug was causing weights to not distribute correctly from time to time. The bug has been fixed.
  • Kit Genders – A bug has been fixed that was sometimes causing kit genders to not display correctly in the mobile app.
  • Fostering Kits – Due to a bug, mobile app users were occasionally encountering issues when fostering kits, this bug has been fixed.

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