As we are releasing more updates Everbreed is making sure everything is functioning properly and efficiently. Developing a rabbitry schedule is simple with the new Task System. Recent updates and fixed bugs are available in this article. If you have a suggestion or would like to vote on existing suggestions visit our Feedback Portal.


New Dashboards

Dashboards have an all-new look, both on the web and in the mobile app! At the top of the dashboard, there is a welcome message that will periodically change and can help guide you through setting up your account or congratulate you on achievements reached. The Dashboard shows an overview of Reports as well as the Task Schedule.

A notification bell icon is present at the top of the screen for easy access to your tasks.

Clearer Task Templates

Everbreed’s Task Templates are the ultimate tool for perfecting your rabbitry schedule. You can save a series of tasks (due date, weigh-in, dewormer, etc.) in a template to use for pregnant does and Litters. While recording a breeding or birth, a Task Template can be assigned to take place as time progresses. Help text is available on the Task Templates page and Icons have labels to help clarify their purpose. Task Templates are completely customizable and numerous templates can be saved to meet the needs of varying breeds and litter purposes.

Colored icons represent system tasks that can be performed within Everbreed. This includes things such as Breed, Weigh, Pregnancy Check, Birth, and Butcher. Custom tasks are black icons and can be used for whatever you may need, like overall health checks and nail trimmings.

Export Reports

You are able to export all Reports and .csv files. This ensures easy printing as well as downloaded documentation of how your rabbitry is doing at that point. Periodically downloading the Reports associated with what you want to enhance within your rabbitry is a good way to take a long-term look at how your rabbitry is improving, or if it’s not.

Search Breed Plans

Planning your breedings is an important part of your rabbitry schedule. Everbreed simplifies planning your breedings ahead of time, therefore refining your rabbitry efficiency. Breed Plans can be searched by doe and buck name, therefore helping you see individual rabbits’ plans.

Tasks on the Mobile App

Task tiles on the mobile app display Breeder name or Litter ID so they do not have to be opened to view this information.

Cage Numbers and Tasks

Tasks display cage numbers in the web and mobile versions to further direct you to where the task needs to take place, this will be especially helpful for larger rabbitries.

Fixed Bugs

  • Multiple Photos – A bug has been fixed that was sometimes not saving all photos when multiple were added to a Breeder Profile at once. 
  • Deleting Weights – A bug was occasionally not letting users delete Breeder weights, it has been fixed.
  • Duplicated Pedigree Information – There was a bug causing Pedigree information to be duplicated. The bug has been fixed. 
  • Litter Profiles – Due to a bug, Litter Profiles were sometimes not loading on the mobile browser, it’s been fixed.

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