Types of Hutches to Use While Raising Rabbits for Fur

As dedicated rabbit breeders, we understand the importance of providing our furry friends with a comfortable and secure environment. When it comes to raising rabbits for fur, selecting the right type of hutch is crucial for their well-being and the quality of their fur. In this guide, we will explore various types of hutches tailored specifically for this purpose, ensuring that your rabbits thrive in an environment conducive to fur growth and quality.

Wire Cages, raising rabbits for fur

1. Wire Hutches: Balancing Ventilation and Comfort

Wire hutches are a popular choice among breeders raising rabbits for fur. They provide excellent ventilation, which is essential for preventing moisture buildup and maintaining a healthy coat. The wire flooring allows droppings to fall through, keeping the living area cleaner. However, it’s crucial to offer a solid surface or mat for the rabbits to rest on, as constant contact with wire can lead to sore hocks.

2. Wooden Hutches: Providing Insulation and Comfort

Wooden hutches offer natural insulation against extreme weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for breeders in areas with fluctuating temperatures. They also provide a more secure and enclosed space for the rabbits. When raising rabbits for fur, it’s essential to keep them in a hutch that shields them from harsh elements, ensuring that their coats remain in optimal condition. This type of hutch is also easier to build yourself with scrap would you might have lying around. It is more difficult and time-consuming to keep wooden floors clean and dry, so keep this in mind. 

Wooden Hutches, Raising rabbits for meat

3. Multi-Level Hutches: Maximizing Space and Exercise

For breeders with limited space, multi-level wire hutches are a practical solution and can be found on rabbit supply websites. They not only provide separate living and sleeping areas but also encourage exercise and movement, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy coat. When raising rabbits for fur, ensuring they have enough space to move around and stretch is essential in preventing matting or tangling of their fur.

4. Hutch with Built-In Nesting Boxes: Catering to Breeding Needs

If you’re involved in breeding rabbits for fur, a hutch with built-in nesting boxes is a valuable addition. These boxes offer a safe and secluded space for mother rabbits to give birth and care for their kits. They also play a crucial role in keeping the fur of the newborns clean and dry, which is vital for their overall health. Nest boxes can easily be added to existing cages, and they can be closed off when not in use. 

Built-in nesting boxes, raising rabbits for fur

5. Portable Hutches: Flexibility for Grazing

For breeders who incorporate outdoor grazing into their rabbits’ routine, portable hutches, or “rabbit tractors”, are an excellent choice. These allow for easy movement from one grazing area to another, ensuring that your rabbits have access to fresh grass and a stimulating environment. Remember, even when raising rabbits for fur, providing them with opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation is vital.

6. Hutches with Removable Pans: Simplifying Cleaning

Keeping your rabbits and their fur clean is paramount when raising rabbits for fur. Hutches with removable pans make the cleaning process much more straightforward. Most pre-built wire cages have a space for removable pans. By regularly removing droppings and soiled bedding, you prevent the buildup of moisture, which can lead to skin issues and affect fur quality.

Insulated hutches, raising rabbits for fur

7. Insulated Hutches: Weatherproofing for Optimal Fur Growth

In regions with harsh winters or scorching summers, insulated hutches are a game-changer. They provide an additional layer of protection against extreme temperatures, ensuring that your rabbits remain comfortable and stress-free. Remember, a stressed rabbit is more likely to experience fur issues, so providing a stable environment is crucial when raising rabbits for fur.

8. Hutch Covers: Shielding Against the Elements

Regardless of the type of hutch you choose, investing in hutch covers is a wise decision. These covers can also be built rather than purchased. Covers provide an extra layer of protection against rain, wind, and direct sunlight. This helps maintain a consistently dry environment, which is vital for fur health and quality.

Rabbit Tractors, Raising rabbits for fur


In the world of rabbit breeding for fur, the hutch you choose is more than just a shelter; it’s a cornerstone of your rabbits’ well-being and the quality of their coats. Whether you opt for wire, wooden, multi-level, or any other type, each hutch serves a unique purpose in providing a comfortable, secure environment. Remember, clean and dry living spaces are paramount, as they directly impact fur health. By investing thoughtfully in the right hutch, you’re not only ensuring the physical health of your rabbits but also guaranteeing a thriving fur production that will leave both breeders and rabbits content. Happy breeding, and may your fur-bearing companions be ever vibrant and healthy!

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