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Breeder Profiles Linked on Pedigrees

Pedigrees that include rabbits present in your account have links to those rabbit’s Breeder profiles. As a result, you can easily pull up the Breeder’s profile to edit or update any of their statuses.

Notification Bell Task Completion

Your notification bell alerts you of any tasks that are due or overdue. This is another way to ensure your rabbitry tasks happen on time in order to simplify breeding rabbits. System tasks (breed, birth, weigh, etc.) can now be completed from the notification bell. So, selecting a “Weigh” task will populate the weigh form for the Breeder or Litter.

Kit Numbers

The kit number on each litter profile does not include dead or culled kits, and does include fostered kits. Consequently, your kit number for each litter will represent the actual number of live kits present in the litter. Before this update, the kit number was a reflection of how many kits were originally born into the litter.

Fixed Bugs

  • PDF Pedigrees – We fixed a bug that was preventing iOS users from creating PDF pedigrees.
  • Missed Breedings – Users were not able to report breedings as missed due to a bug. The bug is fixed.
  • Sending and Printing Pedigrees – Some users were not able to send or print pedigrees because of a bug. The bug is now fixed. 
  • Litter Weights – We fixed a bug that was occasionally not allowing litter weights to save.
  • Kit Photos – Kit photos were sometimes not saved due to a bug. This bug has been fixed. 
  • Financial Ledger Photos – Some web users were unable to add photos to transactions on the financial ledger because of a bug. The bug is now fixed.

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