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We are thrilled to bring you the latest enhancements to your rabbit breeding software. Your feedback is invaluable and drives us to refine and optimize your rabbit breeding experience. On our Feedback Portal, you can make new suggestions for improvements and vote on existing suggestions. Let’s delve into the details of the recent upgrades in your rabbit breeding software. 

Rabbit Breeding Software Updates

New Look to the Litter Notes Tab

Embrace a clutter-free experience with our rabbit breeding software! The new Litter Notes feature is now conveniently housed in a dedicated tab, eliminating the need to navigate through the “Edit” section. Whether accessing Everbreed on the web or through your mobile device, this update ensures seamless management of your rabbit breeding records.

Rabbit Breeding Litter Notes

Marketplace Filters

Sorting through your rabbits listed on the Marketplace is now more straightforward. Additionally, your Marketplace tab boasts enhanced Filters at the top, allowing you to effortlessly refine your listed rabbits. Further, these Filters include “All”, “Active”, and “Inactive”, as well as a “Search” feature. 

Rabbit Breeding Software Marketplace

Fixed Bugs

  • Pedigree PDF Creation Issue – Say goodbye to hiccups while creating Pedigree PDFs. Generate accurate and professional Pedigrees without a hitch, ensuring comprehensive documentation of your rabbit breeding records.

Learn more about Pedigree Settings or sharing Pedigrees

  • Breed Chain Creation during Recording – Previously, our rabbit breeding software faced an issue where the Breed Chain was not created during the recording of a rabbit Breeding. We’re pleased to announce that this bug has been resolved, ensuring accurate recording of your rabbit Breed Chains.
  • Pedigree Display on Mobile Devices – View rabbit Pedigrees seamlessly on mobile devices. We’ve addressed display issues, enhancing visibility and clarity for a smoother navigation of your rabbit breeding lines.
  • Sorting Breeders by Breed or Cage – Everbreed seamlessly sorts Breeders by Breed and Cage, among other things. Enjoy a more organized approach to managing your rabbit Breeders, simplifying the process of finding the information you need with just a few clicks.

Learn how to Search and Filter Breeders

  • Screen Freezes When Archiving a Litter – Screens no longer freeze when you are trying to Archive a rabbit Litter. Our rabbit breeding software now ensures a smoother Archiving process without any interruptions.
  • Issues When Adding a New Contact – Adding new Contacts in our rabbit breeding software is now hassle-free. We’ve resolved the issues, allowing you to effortlessly expand your network of Contacts for enhanced rabbit breeding collaboration.
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Have you encountered a bug or issue? In this Knowledge Base article, you can learn how to report bugs in the web and mobile versions. This way, we can address the problem more quickly and ensure you are having a great experience while using our app for rabbit record-keeping.

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