Keeping accurate records is incredibly important for your rabbitry management. Everbreed makes rabbitry record-keeping simple and painless. Accurate and detailed records help you make the best rabbitry decisions. We work diligently to resolve bugs and make updates to best serve you and your rabbitry. Most of our suggestions for improvements come from users like you. You can make suggestions and vote on existing suggestions at our Feedback Portal.

Referral Icon Added to Header Bar

Referring fellow rabbit breeders to Everbreed just became easier! The best part about referring your friends is that you both receive $5 off of your next month. You can find the referral icon next to the notification bell and profile icon. Sharing Everbreed with your friends will improve your rabbitry management and theirs!


Filtering the Kits Tab

You can filter the Kits tab by Litter ID, Status, Buck, Doe, and Sex. This helps find specific Kits, especially when sorting them into Cages at weaning time.


Clickable Dashboard Statistics for Your Rabbitry Management

The statistics on your Dashboard are clickable in order to bring you to the corresponding page. For example, Kit statistics will bring you to the Kit page, and Breeder statistics will bring you to the Breeder page.

Updated Cage Card Design

The Cage Card template is more simple and includes help text to better help you create the ideal Cage Cards. Everbreed’s Cage Cards keep your barn organized and include a scannable QR code to bring you directly to the Breeder or Litter Profile. Additionally, the Cage Cards are completely customizable in terms of size, orientation, and content.


Help Button on Health Tracker Page

Everbreed’s Health Tracker is the ultimate tool for your rabbitry management. There is a help button on the Health Tracker page that directs you to our Knowledgebase. Here, you will find articles describing how to use the Health tracker.


Editing Pedigree Cards

When editing cards on a Pedigree you have the option to import information from another Breeder. This is the default in the web version. Importing information directly from other Breeders in your account saves you from entering the same information over and over again.

Fixed Bugs

  • Header Distortions – Some users were experiencing header distortions in the Android app due to a bug. This bug has been fixed.
  • Archiving Litters – A bug was occasionally not allowing users to archive Litters in the mobile app, the bug has been resolved.
  • Rabbit Photos – There was a bug not allowing some users to save photos in the mobile app. The bug has been fixed.
  • Editing Breeders – Users sometimes could not edit Breeders in the mobile app due to a bug. This bug has been resolved.
  • Breeding Buck Selection – A bug in the mobile app was not allowing users to choose a Buck when breeding a Doe. This bug is now fixed.
  • Tasks and Breeder Name – Some Tasks were not automatically filling in the Breeder name when editing due to a bug. The bug has been resolved.
  • Several other small bugs.

Have you encountered a bug? Learn how to report bugs.

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