Updates for rabbit litters

Everbreed is working hard behind the scenes to make your rabbitry record-keeping as simple as possible. Recently we have focused on features affecting rabbit Litters and fixing bugs. Most of our suggestions for new features and improvements come from users like you. On our Feedback Portal, you can vote on existing suggestions and make new suggestions.

Health Tracker is Live!

Woohoo! The Health Tracker is live for all users on Plus and Max plans! Everbreed’s Health Tracker automates all of your rabbitry’s health needs from routine vitamins and vaccinations to injury and infection care. You can record Ailments and Symptoms before Treatments so that you always have accurate health records for every rabbit. Furthermore, you can customize Treatment Task Templates to save all of your commonly used medications along with dosages, treatment schedule, withdrawal period, and more.

Everbreed Health Tracker

Editing Multiple Rabbit Litters or Kits at the Same Time

With our new Litters page design, you can edit numerous Litters or Kits at once. As a result, you can effortlessly add multiple rabbit Litters or Kits from different Litters into the same Cage when it comes time to wean them. Additionally, this update simplifies the process of assigning sexes while sexing your rabbit litters.

Everbreed Litters and Kits

Fostered Kits Show in Old and New Rabbit Litters 

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and we need to foster kits into a new rabbit litter. This new update shows any foster kit in its original Litter and its new Litter with the foster icon in its Kit tile. The Kit’s tile is faded in the original Litter so you can better visualize how many kits are in that nest box.

The image below shows what the original rabbit Litter will look like after kits have been fostered to a new Litter.

Everbreed Rabbit Litters

Fixed Bugs

  • Dosage Decimals – A bug did not allow decimals in Treatment Dosage. The bug has been resolved.
  • Cages Weight Calculation – There was a bug sometimes causing the total Kit weight in Cages to not calculate correctly. The bug has been fixed.
  • Rabbit Photos – The mobile app was occasionally crashing when trying to save rabbit photos due to a bug. This bug has been resolved.
  • Breed Plans Not Presented When Recording a Birth – A bug was causing existing breed plans to not appear when recording a birth. The bug has been fixed.
  • Unable to Add New Rabbits – Some users were unable to add new rabbits to their account because of a bug. This bug has been fixed.
  • Several other small bugs.

Have you encountered a bug? Learn how to report bugs.

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