What should be in your rabbit cage?

As a responsible rabbit breeder, ensuring the well-being and comfort of your furry companions is of utmost importance. One significant aspect of caring for rabbits is providing them with a well-equipped and suitable cage. A well-designed rabbit cage not only ensures their safety but also promotes a healthy and happy environment. In this article, we will explore the various components that should be in your rabbit’s cage, emphasizing water, food, resting area, and enrichment. By employing the right tools and practices, you can elevate the living conditions of your rabbits and enhance their overall breeding performance.

What should be in your rabbit cage - Water

Water: The Lifeline of Your Rabbit’s Cage

Water is an essential element that should be in your rabbit’s cage at all times. Ensuring your rabbits have constant access to fresh, clean water is vital for their well-being. There are two primary ways to achieve this:

  • Water Bowls: Water bowls are a simple and cost-effective way to provide water to your rabbits. Choose sturdy, heavy ceramic or stainless-steel bowls that are less likely to tip over. Regularly check and replenish the water to keep it clean and prevent contamination. Rubber bowls are handy in the colder months so you can pop ice blocks out.
  • Water Bottles: Water bottles are another popular option for providing water to your rabbits. These bottles can be easily attached to the side of the cage, preventing spillage and keeping the water clean. Opt for bottles with a sipper tube design, which allows rabbits to drink without making a mess.
  • Watering System: A water system can be constructed from a water container, tubing, and drinking nipples. This is a simple way to make sure your rabbits always have water, although it must be checked for leaks often.

Remember to inspect the water supply multiple times a day to ensure your rabbits never run out of water, especially during hot weather when dehydration can occur more quickly.

What should be in your rabbit cage - Feed

Food: Nourishment for Proper Growth

Proper nutrition is crucial for the health and growth of your rabbits. What should be in your rabbit’s cage concerning food? Here are two recommended ways:

  • Pellets: High-quality rabbit pellets should be a staple in your rabbit’s diet. Look for pellets that are specifically formulated for their age and breed. Pellets provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that rabbits need to thrive. Ensure you store the pellets in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness.
  • Hay: Alongside pellets, you can add hay to your rabbit’s diet. Hay provides essential fiber, aids in proper digestion, and keeps their teeth healthy and well-worn. Offer different types of hay, such as Timothy, Orchard grass, or Meadow hay, and make sure it is free from mold or dust.

Remember to monitor your rabbits’ food consumption and adjust the portions accordingly. Overfeeding or underfeeding can lead to health issues, so keeping detailed records of their daily food intake is essential, and Everbreed can be an invaluable tool for this purpose.

In your rabbit cage - Resting area

Resting Area: Comfort and Relaxation

Creating a comfortable and safe resting area in your rabbit’s cage is essential for their well-being and peace of mind. Here are two ways to achieve this:

  • Bedding: Choose appropriate bedding material for your rabbits’ resting area. Soft hay, straw, or paper-based bedding works well to provide a cozy and clean surface for them to lie on. Avoid cedar or pine shavings, as the strong odor can be harmful to rabbits’ respiratory systems.
  • Hiding Spots: Rabbits appreciate privacy and the feeling of security. Providing hiding spots within the cage, such as small boxes or tunnels, allows them to retreat and rest without feeling exposed.
  • Resting Mat: Using resting mats is a great way to prevent sore hocks. Rabbit sore hocks can be the result of long exposure on hard surfaces or wire that isn’t the proper gauge.

Keep a close eye on your rabbits’ behavior to ensure they are comfortable and content in their resting area. Everbreed can help you maintain a record of their resting habits, enabling you to make necessary adjustments if needed.

In your rabbit cage - Enrichment

Enrichment: Stimulating Their Minds

Just like any other intelligent creature, rabbits require mental stimulation and engagement to prevent boredom and promote a healthy mindset. Here are two ways to provide enrichment for your rabbits:

  • Toys: Introduce a variety of toys into the cage to keep your rabbits entertained. Chew toys, tunnels, and puzzle feeders can engage their minds and satisfy their natural instinct to explore and play.
  • Exercise Space: In addition to their cage, rabbits need regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally fit. Consider setting up a safe, enclosed area where they can hop, jump, and stretch their legs. A rabbit-proofed room or an outdoor enclosure with adequate supervision can provide valuable exercise opportunities.

Rotating toys and rearranging their environment periodically can also prevent monotony and keep your rabbits mentally stimulated.

Conclusion - What should be in your rabbit cage


In conclusion, what should be in your rabbit’s cage encompasses vital elements such as water, food, resting area, and enrichment. By providing clean water through bowls or bottles, ensuring a balanced diet with pellets and hay, offering a comfortable resting area with suitable bedding and hiding spots, and stimulating their minds through toys and exercise, you can enhance the well-being and breeding performance of your rabbits.

Remember, detailed record-keeping is essential for maintaining a comprehensive understanding of your rabbits’ needs and preferences. Everbreed, a trusted rabbit record-keeping company, can assist you in organizing and managing important data, ensuring that you provide the best care possible for your beloved rabbits. By prioritizing their welfare and employing the right tools, you can create a safe, healthy, and enriching environment that supports their overall well-being.

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