When do Pregnant Rabbit Start Nesting

While learning about rabbit breeding, “When do pregnant rabbits start nesting?” is a question that often pops up. Nesting is a crucial part of the pregnancy process, and knowing when it usually begins can help prepare for the arrival of new kits. In this article, we will discuss when pregnant rabbits start nesting, what nesting behavior looks like, and what to do to ensure a successful nesting experience.

Understanding Nesting Behavior In Rabbits

Understanding Nesting Behavior In Rabbits

Nesting is a critical behavior for pregnant rabbits. It is a natural instinct that helps ensure the survival of their offspring. Nesting provides a warm and safe place for newborn kits to grow and develop, protected from the elements and predators. A well-built nest will also help regulate the kits’ body temperature and reduce stress levels.

Before we delve into when pregnant rabbits start nesting, it is important to understand what nesting behavior entails. When a rabbit is preparing to give birth, she will begin to exhibit nesting behaviors such as digging, pulling fur, and rearranging materials in her enclosure.


Rabbits often start digging at the bottom of their enclosure to create a comfortable spot for their kits. They may dig shallow or deep holes, depending on their preferences, if they are living on the ground.

Pulling Fur

As the birth date draws closer, rabbits will start pulling fur from their bellies and other parts of their body to line their nest. The fur acts as a soft and warm bedding material for the kits.

Gathering and Rearranging Materials

Pregnant rabbits will often gather materials with their mouths to create a cozy and safe space for their kits. They may use hay, straw, or other bedding materials to create their nest. Sometimes, rabbits will rearrange their nest many times before the kits arrive.


As your rabbit’s due date approaches, she may become more restless and also spend more time in her nest. You may notice her moving around the cage more while rearranging materials.

Decreased Appetite

In the last few days of pregnancy, most rabbits may experience a decreased appetite. Her food dish will likely be a little less empty than it normally is.

When do pregnant rabbits start nesting

When Do Pregnant Rabbits Start Nesting?

So, when do pregnant rabbits start nesting? The answer to this question can vary depending on the breed of rabbit, the individual rabbit’s temperament, and environmental conditions.

Typically, pregnant rabbits will start nesting a few days before they give birth. This can range from 1-5 days, but it is important to note that some rabbits may start nesting earlier or later than this time frame. As a general rule of thumb, if you see your pregnant rabbit exhibiting nesting behaviors, it is safe to assume that she will give birth within the next few days.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all pregnant rabbits will exhibit nesting behaviors. Some rabbits may not start nesting until they are in labor, while others may not show any nesting behaviors at all. If your pregnant rabbit does not exhibit nesting behaviors, it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. However, it is always a good idea to keep a close eye on your rabbit in case you notice unusual behavior.

What can you do to prepare for rabbit nesting

What Can You Do To Prepare For Rabbit Nesting?

As a rabbit breeder, it is important to prepare for nesting well in advance. This means providing your pregnant rabbit with a safe, comfortable, and clean environment where she can give birth and care for her kits.


Make sure that your rabbit’s enclosure is large enough for her and her kits. It should be clean and free of any potential hazards such as sharp objects or loose wires. It is also important to provide your rabbit with a nesting box and materials such as hay or straw.

Food and Water

Pregnant rabbits require a balanced diet to ensure that they have the necessary nutrients to support themselves and their kits. Provide your rabbit with plenty of fresh water and high-quality feed that is specifically designed for rabbits.


The temperature of your rabbit’s environment is crucial to ensure that her kits stay warm and healthy. Even more important, wind and direct sunlight should not be able to access the cage.

What to do when a rabbit begins to nest

What To Do When A Rabbit Begins To Nest

When your pregnant rabbit starts showing nesting behaviors, it is important to provide her with the necessary materials to create a safe and comfortable nest. This includes providing her with a nesting box that is large enough for her and her kits. The nesting box should be filled with soft bedding materials such as hay or straw.

Rabbits have strong natural instincts and most times will not need help building their nest. However, some first-time does might need a little assistance in putting their nest together.

How long does it take a rabbit to give birth?” may be your next question. This answer can vary quite a bit, but you can read more about it in our Blog post.

You can do a few things after your rabbit gives birth to increase the kit survival rate. These include making sure the kits are warm, keeping the nest clean, and having good records.

Conclusion - when do pregnant rabbits start nesting


“When do pregnant rabbits start nesting?” is a question most beginner breeders have, and rightfully so. Although this answer can vary a lot between individual rabbits, there are some clear signs that the rabbit will exhibit when they begin nesting. Understanding these signs and being prepared for nesting will increase the overall chance of kit survival.

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