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Everbreed works right alongside you.

Main Features Include

Create custom printed or online pedigrees and easily share or transfer rabbits in seconds.

Schedule breeding tasks and events and sync them with
your favorite calendar.

Custom breed chains and reminders keep you from missing important task.

View stats to improve your rabbitry. Compare rabbit and litter performance and more.

Design and print cage cards in numerous sizes and formats.

Scan your cage cards with you phone for instant record access.

Attach files, receipts or whatever to your rabbit records in a click.

Keep track of your expenses and income with smart reporting.

And many more time-saving features!


Genealogy and so much more.

Create Pedigrees

Create your pedigrees with ease including the info you want to show.


Save time by quickly importing one, or one-hundred pedigrees in seconds.


Transfer pedigree info in a snap with just one simple copy and paste.


Customize your pedigree colors, borders, orientations and more.


Export pedigrees to PDF or share a simple link for others to view online.

Print & Web Pedigrees

Print up to 4 generations on paper and share 8 generations digitally.


Each pedigree you share is branded with your own rabbitry info.

Earn Referral Credits

Transfer pedigrees with referral codes that earn your account easy credits.


Stop missing important tasks.

Breeding Dates

When it’s time for you rabbits to mate, you won’t miss the date. Just one of many notifications you can receive.

Kindle Prep

Eliminate surprises and lower mortality. Never forget prepping a nesting box or missing a kindle.

Weight Checks

Choose our standard breed chain or create your own custom chain to include critical dates to weigh your rabbits.

Butcher Reminders

Get reminders to your phone or email for important butcher dates and even record and track yields with Everbreed.


Track breeders and litters seamlessly.

Add Breeders

Import large lists of rabbits via CVS and HTM files or enter one-by-one effortlessly.


From conception date and parents to birthdates, cage numbers & siblings.


Transfer pedigree info in a snap with just one simple copy and paste.

Record Anything

Record and track weights, kit health notations, expenses and more.


Individual expenses and income can be added to financial ledgers directly.

Attach Files

Attach files such as show legs, grand champion documents or receipts for safe-keeping.

Update Kit Status

Update kits as fostered, died, butchered or sold.

Explore Genealogy

Choose from hundreds of genotypes or add your own to predict breeding outcomes.

Let’s get Started

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