Keeping Your Rabbits Healthy With Detailed Records

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Everbreed’s Health Tracker automates all of your rabbit health needs from routine vitamins and vaccinations to injury and infection care.

Rabbit Health Issues Prior to Treatment – Ailments

Ailments present themselves eventually when raising any type of animal. When breeding animals it is especially important to keep accurate records in order to determine whether some issues are a genetic or individual problem. You can refine all or your rabbit health records with Everbreed’s Health Tracker.

Treatments for Optimal Rabbit Health

Treatment can only be avoided for so long when raising rabbits, whether its routine, preventative, or emergency. Keeping accurate health records ensures you can choose the best possible pairs when breeding your rabbits in order to produce successful and productive litters.

Custom Treatment Task Templates

Just like our Breeder Task Templates and Litter Task Templates, there are Treatment Task Templates. This allows you to save your commonly used medications along with dosages, treatment schedule, withdrawl period, and more.

Connecting Rabbit Health Needs to Your Schedule

All of your Health Tracker tasks sync with your schedule and because of this, you can also sync them with your favorite calendar.

Customer Reviews


“The schedule for breeding does and when to put in nest boxes is wonderful.”
M Racer

Everbreed keeps me organized.

“It is super easy to schedule breedings, record births, keep track of birthdates, breeders, and kits, and check genetics.”
Delaine P.

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