Automatic Rabbit Pedigree Management

Say goodbye to lost and damaged paper pedigrees! Making a rabbit pedigree with Everbreed is painless and straightforward. Genealogy record-keeping with online and printed pedigrees is as efficient as it gets. All of your rabbit pedigrees will always be right at your fingertips. In addition, Everbreed’s rabbit pedigrees look professional compared to spreadsheets and other software.


Your Pedigree – Your Standards

You can effortlessly make a rabbit pedigree and dictate which information you want to be shown. Furthermore, there are many fields to choose from including:

  • Prefix
  • Photo
  • Name
  • Breed
  • Birthdate
  • Acquired Date
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Genotype
  • Registration Number
  • Champion Number
  • Legs
  • Ear Number

If there are some fields that you do not use, you can eliminate them from your pedigrees.


Color and border options.

You can choose various border and color options in order to personalize your rabbit pedigrees even further. Additionally, both horizontal and vertical layouts are available.

1 to 8 Generations

A deeper look at lineage.

Pedigrees can be up to 8 generations long in the web and mobile versions, and when sharing pedigree links online. You can print with up to 4 generations.

Kit Pedigrees

Automatically created.

Kit’s pedigrees are automatically created when a birth is recorded, as long as both parents have a pedigree. No more last-minute pedigree making before you sell kits!

Learn more about pedigree customization, options, and settings in our Knowledge Base article.

Your Pedigree
Your Brand

Rabbitry Information

Your rabbit pedigrees can have all of your rabbitry information including photo/logo, name, address, phone number, and email. So when you sell rabbits, they will always be linked back to you.

Referral Code

A referral code is present on the online pedigree as well as the printed pedigree. This code credits your account when others use it to sign up for Everbreed.

Online Rabbit Pedigrees

For efficient sharing.

Share in seconds

Transfer your pedigrees instantly to other Everbreed users, or share them with anyone as PDF file or online link. This way, it’s easy to give potential buyers a glimpse at the rabbit’s lineage or transfer a rabbit to a new buyer. Links created from a pedigree can show up to 8 generations as well as all fields filled out for each rabbit on the pedigree.

Import in a flash

Multiple ways to import make adding rabbits to your account simple. If pedigrees are already digital they can be imported in mass quantities and from many sources.

Customer Reviews

So easy!

“Everbreed is the easiest pedigree-making platform I’ve used in our 18 years of raising rabbits!”
The Moore Siblings

Great program. Excellent and accessible service!

“I love the layout of the pedigrees in this program. Pedigrees can be easily shared via pdf or link and the QR code feature is fantastic when you’re at a show or convention and people want to know the lines in the pedigree.”

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