Rabbitry Finance Management

Accessible anywhere.

Keeping your rabbitry finances accurate and safe is simple with Everbreed. Categories help break down expenses and income even further, so you know exactly where to focus your attention in order to improve your business.

Importing rabbitry business transactions is painless and you can reference them anywhere at any time. There is no need for you to do the calculating anymore, Everbreed does it automatically as transactions are recorded.

Become More Efficient

As you enter transactions Everbreed calculates your overall income and expenses. It also breaks them down so you are able to see income and expenses per breeder. This way you will better know how to figure listing prices for breeding stock, meat, etc.

You can sort your transactions into categories. Some examples would be feed, cages, bedding, and medical supplies. By doing this, you can see where you are spending, and making, the most money in your rabbitry business. With this in mind, you can better dictate where your focus should be in order to improve input costs.

Keep Track of Contacts

Contacts can be added along with their company, email, phone number, address, notes, and whether they are a lead, vendor, or customer. As a result, all of your rabbitry-involved contacts will be in the same place, and always available.

Each transaction can be tied to a contact. If a rabbit is sold to a contact that uses Everbreed the rabbit’s records will automatically transfer to their account, and the transaction will be noted in your account as well as theirs.

Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Totals

You can sort your Ledger, and any category, by a date range of your choice. This makes it easy to find specific transactions or totals for particular time periods.

When tax season comes around rabbitry finance totals are at your fingertips, without any calculating. There’s no need to figure yearly totals, Everbreed has you covered.

Customer Reviews

It keeps me so organized!

“I have less than 20 rabbits, but I still get things confused in my head, so this program is a lifesaver. All of my dates, ages, genotypes, pedigrees, and even a financial ledger (that I use for my small business) are all conveniently in one spot! I can not express in words how helpful Everbreed is.
Rachel S.

Easy to use and customize.

“I love the notifications and all of the different functions, especially the financial tracker!”
Kerri S.

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