Manage Your Rabbitry With Detailed Reports

Say goodbye to random spreadsheets and paper messes! Everbreed is the best software for taking your rabbitry management to a new level.

It can be difficult to configure your rabbitry statistics on your own. But, Everbreed Reports are automatically produced as rabbit records are entered. Reports can be seen for your entire rabbity, or at an individual scale for breeders and litters. Because of this, you can easily pick out the breeders that excel in the qualities you want to continue breeding for.

A Wider Look at Rabbity Management

Everbreed compiles all your recorded rabbit records to give you a better idea of how your rabbitry is doing. There is a large variety of Reports covering all aspects of your rabbitry so you can focus on what is important to you. Listed at the top of the Reports page is an overview of your rabbitry, these Reports include:

  • Ratio of does to bucks.
  • Number of active litters and total kits.
  • How many sold, butchered, and died/ culled.
  • Finances, sorted by expenses and income.
  • Total number of litters born.
  • Average litter size.
  • Average age to butcher and average butcher weight.
  • Survival rate.

Also included is a general production chart showing how many pounds or kilos (of kits) each doe has produced over time.

Reports can be filtered by any date range in order to hone in on specific time periods. Most can also be downloaded as a .csv file and printed, to make your own highlighting and analysis easy.

Breeder Performance

To keep or cull.

There are many aspects that make a breeder desirable and valuable. Breeder viability is important for rabbitry management no matter what purpose you are breeding for. Reports pertaining to breeder performance include:

  • Live vs. dead-born kits. 
  • Survival rates.
  • Average litter size. 
  • Doe and buck misses. 
  • And more.

You can view all of these as a table or graph. Everbreed makes determining breeder viability simple because you are able to compare the successes and downfalls among your breeders.

Learn more about breeder viability Reports with our Knowledge Base article.

Fill your Freezer Quicker

When meat production is your goal there are a lot of statistics that can be difficult to keep track of. Everbreed has many reports that help you analyze how efficient your meat production is, and you don’t have to do any calculating. These Reports include:

  • Average kit weight per litter.
  • Average litter growth rate.
  • Meat produced from butchered kits.
  • Average butcher age.
  • And more.

All of these Reports are listed per doe, and you can compare all of your does at once. Seeing a cumulative graph or table of these records will better help you make rabbitry management decisions.

Learn more about meat production Reports with our Knowledge Base article.

Customer Reviews

I love Everbreed!

“I own a large rabbitry as a business and it makes record-keeping, breeding calendars, litter info, etc., so easy! Thank you so much for providing this great software.
Jennifer B.

Higher Efficiency.

“Everbreed helps me keep track of records without any stress and it will increase the productivity of my rabbitry!”
Olufemi H.

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